A Year to Remember

Well, here we go. I’m writing a blog post after a year and four month break. Has it been long enough? I think, yes! To say my whole world has changed during that time would almost be an understatement. I may be a bit dramatic, BUT, I’m excited to share with you everything that has happened in the last year!

In my last post (September 2013), I had stated that I was preparing to take my personal training exam. I passed that exam the next month and to be honest, I never seriously put it into use and never took on any clients. I think ultimately I was just nervous about training anyone but myself. In spring of 2014, I received my associates in Sociology and started seriously dating someone very special. This is when my life took a HUGE turn.

I met my boyfriend Kyle, who is now my husband, on Instagram…that’s not crazy right? I’m sure a lot of my friends and family thought it was, but no one actually expressed that to me! Now, you’re probably wondering how do you start a relationship on Instagram and how does it progress and lead to marriage. Let me try to explain it in a brief timeline;

April 2013: We started following each other on Instagram. I followed Kyle first after @cadziie, an IG celebrity who at the time was famous for amazing oatmeal breakfast posts, shouted him out on IG. Kyle was about to compete in his first physique competition, and naturally when I saw his picture, my draw dropped. What a HOTTIE I thought.  IMG_2850February 27, 2014: Kyle and I met for the first time in person at the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio. He flew from Long Beach, California, and I drove with my friend Kelly from Westampton, New Jersey. In between April 2013 and February 2014, Kyle and I became Facebook friends and began to message each other. We quickly learned that we had much in common when it came to our childhood, our faith in Jesus Christ and our upbringing. Facebook messaging then turned into once a week Skype dates. Chemistry was definitely there between us and we needed to figure out a way to meet in person. That is when we chose to meet at the Arnold Fitness Expo. It was perfect. We had both been looking forward to this event because of our passion for fitness, and we had many other mutual Instagram friends that we would meet there also. Kyle took me on an unforgettable date at a beautiful 5 star Italian restaurant. That night and that whole weekend confirmed our feelings for each other.

March 2014: At the end of March, Kyle flew to New Jersey to meet my family. I had a great time showing him the Jersey Shore, Longwood Gardens, my hometown.

June 2014: After 3 months apart, I was able to fly to California with my twin sister Brittany, and there I got to meet Kyle’s wonderful family. That trip was unforgettable. I had never been to California and had so much fun exploring a little bit of SoCal, and then heading up to NorCal. We explored San Francisco, the vineyards of Napa Valley, and Kyle’s hometown in Folsom, CA. I only spent 5 days with him in CA but right before he was to take me to the airport, we had expressed our love for each other and our wanting to spend the rest of our life together. 10435591_10154237908025717_8323858912428900508_nJune 28, 2014:  Thinking I wouldn’t see him for another 3 months, Kyle flew to NJ without me knowing (I thought he was on a camping trip) and surprised me at Longwood Gardens. It was there he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

055 September 2014: After another 3 months apart, I flew back to CA for a week and finally got to do a big chunk of wedding planning with my fiance! I had already chosen a date, a theme, the church, reception venue, my bridesmaid’s, etc. In CA, we got to pick out our wedding songs, create a wedding registry, pick out my vail and just enjoyed each other’s company.

December 2014: Reunited after 3 months and never again to part, Kyle flew to NJ a week before our wedding. We finalized last minute wedding shenanigans, had our bachelorette/bachelor parties and had a beautiful Christmas with my family. On December 28th, 2014 our wedding day finally arrived. Everything came together so smoothly and was absolutely exquisite. 10155288_10155304020105717_6653908025990968885_nThe day after our wedding we hit the road and started to make our way to Dallas, Texas, stopping at many amazing places along the way. From TX, we flew to Cancun for a freaking amazing honeymoon. After our week there, we resumed our road-trip and ended in Hayward, CA.

January-August 2015: Hayward, CA became our home for the next 8 months. We stayed there while Kyle was enrolled in Chiropractic College. During that time, we had so much fun exploring San Francisco (living only 30 minutes away from the city), making friends, working at Bank of the West, and really enjoying married life! After over a month of praying and contemplating, Kyle made the difficult decision to end his Chiropractic career. With the support of our family, we then decided that the best next decision was to move back to NJ where we could save money and live with family while Kyle figures out what his next career path will be.

Now (September 2015): I’m currently sitting at the dining room table, with my amazing husband working across from me. We are living with my brother and sister-in-law in their home in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and I couldn’t be happier. It feels so good to be so close to friends and family again! On Monday I will start work and will continue to produce content on this blog :). If you have reached the end of this crazy long post, I’m honored :).


With much love,

Jenna Louise


2 thoughts on “A Year to Remember

  1. What a crazy journey!!! But it’s a great one I am so so happy you guys both moved to Hayward if not we would not be friends 😁. I only wish you and Kyle the absolute best, miss and love you guys!!!

    • Elena!! I can say that I do not regret moving to Hayward only for 8 months because it was the friends I made there that made it worth it. I’m going to miss you and Carlos so much but I am certain that we will be reunited again :). Wishing you both the absolute best!! Love and miss you (and your butt)….!! ❤

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